Alexa Skill – Whose Bedtime is it?

A simple skill I wrote for my grandkids. I wanted to be able to ask Alexa “Alexa, whose bedtime is it?” and have her reply “The current time is hh:mm pm, that means it’s time for Gabriel, Kain, and Jameson to go to bed!”

There are two parts to using this skill – one for setup/storage of the names, one to actually use the skill as described above.

The first time it is used, Alexa will ask for the names of those you want her to “send to bed”. We receive the text versions of the spoken name(s), and store them on the Amazon S3 servers, linked to your device ID.

Then whenever you are ready for Alexa to tell the kids/grandkids it’s time for bed, just ask Alexa “Alexa, whose bedtime is it?”

To use different names, just ask Alexa “RESET – Whose bedtime is it?” and Alexa will erase the stored names from the Amazon S3 servers and ask for new names. If you don’t want to add new/different names, just say “CANCEL”

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