Best Practices – Dealing with Purchase Errors on the Android Market

Sometimes you try to buy and download from the Android Market, and things just don’t go right. Here’s a tip on how to deal with that.

Normally, when you make a purchase, it downloads and installs automatically. If something goes wrong, you will notice a red triangle in your notification bar, like this

Notice also, that the two buttons to the top right in this example say “Purchased” and “Refund”.

First let me say that these look more like banners than buttons – I think the Android Market app designers could have done a better job making these look “pressable” (not a real word).

If your installation was successful, these two buttons would read “Open” and “Refund”, and look like this

But since the installed failed in our example, they read “Purchased” and “Refund”.

Since the install failed, your first instinct might be to refund it and try again. But there is a better choice – tap the “Purchased” button and it will change to “OK” – then tap “OK” and the Market app will re-try the download.

Of course, after the default refund period expires, the 2nd button will read “Uninstall” instead of “Refund”