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Best Practices – Android Market App Updates

To check for updates, load the Android Market app, tap the ‘Menu’ button, then tap ‘My Apps’. This will list all the apps you have installed from the Market. Read more…

Posted by Mike - July 8, 2010 at 8:34 am

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Best Practices – Dealing with Purchase Errors on the Android Market

Sometimes you try to buy and download from the Android Market, and things just don’t go right. Here’s a tip on how to deal with that. Read more…

Posted by Mike - July 8, 2010 at 8:32 am

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Best Practices – Voice+ Recorder

Given the new ‘Search’ capability, I now feel that the Notes field is better used as a keyword field.

Rather than typing a big long explanation of what the recording is, try to use keywords.

For example – say your child Bobby is sick and has a fever, you take him to the doctor and record the conversation. The doctor tells you that Bobby has the measles and gives you specific instructions on how to deal with it.

So, your keywords might be

Doctor, fever, measles, Bobby

Then using the search function, you can search for any combination of those keywords.

Keep in mind that this search capability is case insensitive, so the keywords of Doctor, doctor, DoCtOr are all equivalent. Search also allows multiple keywords separated by space, so you can search for ‘doctor knee’ to isolate recordings that have both keywords.

If you have several recordings related to Bobby, and others for other family members Doctor’s visits, then if you searched for ‘Doctor’ you would get a list of all recordings that have that as a keyword.

But if you search for ‘Doctor Bobby’, you would only find recordings that contained both words.

Say Bobby is the daredevil type and you constantly take him to the Doctor and record the visits, so you now have many recordings that contain the keywords ‘Doctor’ and ‘Bobby’, just add more search terms to drill down into the list – say search for ‘Doctor Bobby measles’ or ‘Doctor Bobby knee’, etc, etc

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Best Practices – Quick Calorie

Here’s a few tips that I’ve discovered using the app

  • Use the app to track other things like how many glasses of water you drink – to add a “0″ entry to ‘Today’s Entries” just type in the description, say “glass of water”, then tap “Start Combo” followed immediately by “Finish Combo”
  • As you enter item descriptions, think about how you will want to find it later on the “My List” screen – for example, if you enter “turkey enchilada” it will show up down in the “T”s on the list, but if you enter “enchilada, turkey” it will show up in the “E”s
  • Consider adding the serving size to you description – for example, “beef, tenderloin, 4 oz”
  • Consider things that are substantially the same and make a single entry to cover more than one item – for example, butter and oil are about the same calories, so make one entry for “butter / oil, 1 tbsp”
  • Like the previous tip, most cheeses are 100 Calories per oz, so just make a single listing like “Cheese, 1 oz”

Posted by Mike - June 1, 2010 at 1:45 pm

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