Change Log – A Texas Thing Screen Widget

Version 1.4 – released May 11, 2011

removed copyrighted images – UT Longhorns logo and the Neon Longhorn
replaced pump jack image with one I took several years ago out in West Texas north of Monahans
increased width of image selector dialog
added a longhorn logo that is similar to the UT Austin logo but is not copyrighted.

Version 1.3 – released March 26, 2011

Added two new images
Whitetail buck
Yellow Rose
removed ability to install to SD card – that was dumb for a widget provider app – my mistake and apologies

Version 1.2 – released on March 14, 2011

Changed cell size from 3×2 to 1×1 for better compatibility with all device sizes
added four new images
Lucchese Boot
Stetson Hat
Texas Map Shape
another version of ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’
allowed SD card installation
if you elect this option, just remember that your widgets cannot function if your SD card is not present

Version 1.1 – not used

Version 1.0 – Initial Release on March 13, 2011