No Cell Radio

A simple Home Screen widget for using a device strictly on WiFi.

I use my Galaxy Tab strictly via WiFi – but the cell radio is on by default and uses about 2% of the battery. The solution is to turn on Airplane Mode (which turns off the cell radio, WiFi, and BT) and then turn WiFi back on.

As noted, this was written on/for a Samsung Galaxy Tab where despite the larger screen size, Samsung was unable to fit a button for Airplane Mode on the Notification pull down. So getting to the Airplane Mode setting is a pain on this device.

Tapping the widget icon does these two things in one step – turn on Airplane Mode – then turn WiFi back on.

Tap it again, to turn Airplane Mode off.

This uses standard android system calls, so should work on any device – I’ve only tested it on the Galaxy Tab and an Epic Galaxy S phone.

The main app screen now allows you to specify if the app should run automatically when a reboot occurs.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starting with Android version 4.2.x, us peon developers can no longer toggle Airplane Mode – thanks Google. So this app will not work if you have 4.2.x or higher. I have hidden the app in the market. If you have purchased this and have Android 4.2.x, please contact me.

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Available on the Android Market.