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Video Poker for Android

ic_launcher_vpA Video Poker game for Android phones. Includes four different video poker game variations in both 1-Play and 3-Play games. Read more…

Posted by Mike - October 13, 2010 at 9:19 pm

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Change Log – Video Poker

Version 1.13 (10/14/2011)

  • Corrected issue where credits were not being saved if you left the app without “exiting” from the menu (like using the Home key)

Version 1.12 (06/14/2011)

  • Corrected a pay table problem on Double Double Bonus Poker – was paying 250 instead of 400 for four 3s
  • Removed the fatal error reporting code and associated INTERNET permission requirement – no fatal errors have been reported in several weeks

Version 1.11 (03/01/2011)
Version 1.10: (03/01/2011)

  • Added option to allow users to control screen size layout
  • Added ability to display change log one time when a new version is run.

For the Screen Size option – it’s on the ‘Options Menu’ – previously (version 1.9) this was selected automatically by the app based on the reported screen height. I decided to put that control in the users’ hands by adding this option.

There are now 3 choices

  • Normal – this is for larger screens – 480 x 800 or larger. The app was originally designed on an Epic.
  • Small – this should work for smaller screens in the 320 x 455 to 320 x 480 range – like the Samsung Transform or LG Vortex
  • Smallest – this is the least I can fit on the screen (vertically) – tested on a Motorola Citrus which is 240 x 320.

The default choice is ‘Normal’ – I recommend that you try that and if you can’t see the buttons at the bottom to Bet Max and Draw, then try the next smaller size.

Each smaller choice reduces the amount of stuff displayed, so you lose some of the effect of the app without affecting the functionality.

Version 1.9: (released 2-25-2011)

This version tightened the change from Normal screens to Compact screens – this choice is based on the screen height determined by the app.

Posted by Mike - July 8, 2010 at 7:58 am

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