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Voice+ Recorder

Record memos, lectures, interviews with this easy to use app. Allows multiple recordings stored on your SD card. You can rename recordings, add notes, and lock recordings.
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Posted by Mike - September 22, 2011 at 6:58 am

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Best Practices – Voice+ Recorder

Given the new ‘Search’ capability, I now feel that the Notes field is better used as a keyword field.

Rather than typing a big long explanation of what the recording is, try to use keywords.

For example – say your child Bobby is sick and has a fever, you take him to the doctor and record the conversation. The doctor tells you that Bobby has the measles and gives you specific instructions on how to deal with it.

So, your keywords might be

Doctor, fever, measles, Bobby

Then using the search function, you can search for any combination of those keywords.

Keep in mind that this search capability is case insensitive, so the keywords of Doctor, doctor, DoCtOr are all equivalent. Search also allows multiple keywords separated by space, so you can search for ‘doctor knee’ to isolate recordings that have both keywords.

If you have several recordings related to Bobby, and others for other family members Doctor’s visits, then if you searched for ‘Doctor’ you would get a list of all recordings that have that as a keyword.

But if you search for ‘Doctor Bobby’, you would only find recordings that contained both words.

Say Bobby is the daredevil type and you constantly take him to the Doctor and record the visits, so you now have many recordings that contain the keywords ‘Doctor’ and ‘Bobby’, just add more search terms to drill down into the list – say search for ‘Doctor Bobby measles’ or ‘Doctor Bobby knee’, etc, etc

Posted by Mike - July 8, 2010 at 8:13 am

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Change Log – Voice+ Recorder

Version 1.19 (6/30/2011 on Android Market)

Fixed an issue that caused a Force Close if you left the memo details screen with the Home key.
Removed the ability to pause a recording as it was not working properly and could allow for an overwrite condition.

Version 1.18 (6/27/2011 on Android Market)

Added a new ‘Search’ function – tap the search key on the device or access it from the menu. This allows you to search for words within memo titles and/or notes.
Added a field to the Preferences screen to change the number used for the next available recording. (see the Preferences Help screen for more info)
App will now SYNC some additional file types if the files are in the data folder – .amr, .mp3, .m4a, .mp4, and .wav NOTE: New recordings are still .3gpp files.
Corrected an issue with renaming a recording title to a name that already exists.
Corrected an obscure issue that didn’t allow editing if a memo was unlocked from the Memo Details screen.
Changed the icon used for a missing recording file – that yellow icon was hard to see, now it’s just a red ‘No’ circle.
Updated screen shots shown on the market apps/pages.

Version 1.17 (6/16/2011 on Android Market)

Removed fatal error reporting code and the associated INTERNET permission requirement. No fatal errors have been reported in several weeks.
Made some major improvements to the Password system
Rearranged the playback controls on the Details screen – moved them up to be more compatible with smaller screen sizes.

Version 1.16 (5/16/2011 on Android Market)

minor change to Preferences screen – changed ZIP file option to make it more like the other preference selections
completely removed the check of our servers to get the most recent version number and notify you if different. This was a pain for buyers through Amazon where the ‘approval’ process for changes may take up to a week. Amazon users then have to see that pop up every time they start the app – until it is approved and they do the update. My thanks to Gary for reporting this.

Version 1.15 (5/8/2011 on Android Market)

Minor change to stop the soft keyboard from popping up when you enter the Memo Details screen – for some users, this was covering the Play button thus requiring an extra keypress to hide the keyboard. Thanks to Angie for reporting this.
Minor bug fix to stop force close on Memo Details screen when memo had a 0 length.

Version 1.14: (3/23/2011 on Android Market) first release on the Amazon AppStore

Version 1.13 was compiled against android 3.0 – that had an ill effect on some devices like the Atrix, Droid Incredible. & Xperion X10. MY Galaxy Tab was not affected. Thanks to Maria for reporting the issue.

Version 1.13: (3/22/2011)

Fixed ‘Force Close’ bug when deleting a memo from the menu of the Memo Details screen.
Removed ability to install to SD card in anticipation of some upcoming changes.

Version 1.12:

Squashed a bug that was causing a force close for some users when leaving the Memo Details screen

Version 1.11:

new option to use Zip file compression before emailing
added ability to move to SD Card

Posted by Mike - July 8, 2010 at 8:07 am

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