WordPress Websites

I also do lots of work for people on websites. Any more, I do most of my sites in WordPress – it’s quick, easy, reasonably priced (since it’s free!) and easy to teach others how to use.

I like WordPress because it’s very easy to customize and theme. Some of the sites I build using WordPress don’t even look at all like a WordPress site!

Here are some of the sites I have built – some mine, most for clients

So, if you have a need for a reasonably priced, easy to use website, give me a shout and we can work it out.

Site Hosting

I also have a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that I host my sites on. It’s very reliable and fast. So if you need site hosting, I charge $30/year for a site regardless of the size (within reason of course). If your needs for hosting are huge, I can work with you to get your own VPS.